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Nelson Coffee Roasters

Nelson Coffee Roasters ethically sources and roasts specialty and seasonal coffee, which you can enjoy in their cafe, or at home.

When branding Nelson Coffee Roasters we wanted to introduce a new bold, bright direction through colour and pattern. But to connect the coffee roasters to the already existing Nelson Coffee cafe brand, we kept the navy blue along with the typefaces.


Initially we designed branded labels for a stock bag, each coffee having a bespoke pattern that used the new colours of orange, teal and yellow. As the Nelson Coffee Roasters brand became more established, the packaging progressed into a fully custom bag .

To promote the launching of Nelson Coffee Roasters, we designed two playful A-board posters that would sit outside the cafe.

Social media was also an important part of the launch. We designed both static and animated imagery to create awareness of the new brand.

Web Design, Ecommerce

We designed a custom, fully responsive, Shopify website. Allowing them to grow their brand and promote their products. We used the Nelson Coffee Roasters patterns and colours throughout to create impact and continuity.

By using the signature Nelson bear, we developed a small icon for the Nelson Coffee subscriptions, that could be used across the website as well as packaging of the coffee subscription itself.


To further their promotion of the brands, we created illustrations for tote bags and printed the logo onto re-usable coffee cups.


-Logo design
-Web design
-Social media
-Print & Merch